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Sydney Asbestos Removal roofing

Asbestos Roofing Encapsulation - Industrial & Commercial Application

Sydney Asbestos Removal's " Asbestos Roofing Encapsulation " providing risk management solutions.

Deteriorated unnsealed asbestos roofing poses the highest risk to health of all the bonded asbestos cement products installed, particularly to trades people working and walking on these asbestos roofs, as the slightest disturbance will cause the release of asbestos fibre.

Sydney Asbestos removals' asbestos cement roofing encapsulation provides safe & effective isolation of the hazard in compliance with OH&S asbestos management regulations.

Sydney Asbestos encapsulation

Sydney Asbestos Removals' specialised asbestos roof encapsulation crew operates statewide eliminating hazardous asbestos roofing situations and costly removal & replacement.

Encapsulation with Insultec

The Insultec asbestos encapsulation process consists of the specifically developed primer that bonds the deteriorated asbestos roof surface exceeding the original manufactured state. Applications of coloured solar heat re-radiating membrane applied with airless spray equipment reduce temperatures in the building by 46% and affectively improving the performance & integrity of the asbestos roof.

Protecting the environment from asbestos fibre contamination and reducing heating and cooling power consumption costs.

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In 2009 organisations world wide are looking for ways in which to lower costs as well as meet environmental obligations and regulations, and it has been shown that INSULTEC can reduce temperature within buildings, which means lower heating and cooling costs. With hot summers in Australia and cold winters, its' time to consider application of a long lasting, durable, flexible membrane to any external surface such as roofs and walls to reduce the amount of heat transferred, in and out, and be certain that your staff, customers and products are in comfortable conditions, for reduced energy consumption and cost.
INSULTEC membranes and coatings have a remarkable ability to stop solar heat transfer.
INSULTEC is applied to the external surface of a structure in fluid form and dries to a solid protective finish.
INSULTEC can stop 90% of infrared and 85% of ultra violet light from entering a structure, re-radiating it back into the atmosphere.
INSULTEC fills and bridges hairline cracks, and can be applied to a wide variety of materials such as concrete, asphalt, timber, clean or primed fibro or asbestos and properly primed metals.
The INSULTEC product range comes in an off white colour and a range of other colours with a matt finish to alleviate glare.