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Asbestos info

"Asbestos" was known as the "miracle fibre"

Derived from an ancient Greek word meaning "inextinguishable", it was one of the oldest and most widely used minerals known to man for over 2000 years. Early days it was a curiosity rather than a commercial commodity and used by the affluent for royal cremations to preserve the ashes.

Used in a variety of everyday products such as asbestos-cement sheet, prefabricated walls, corrugated roofing sections, roof tiles, water pipes, tanks, household goods like garden furniture, flower pots, heat resistant clothing for foundry workers & firemen, automotive parts, battery cases, electrical insulation, heaters, ovens, toasters, hairdryers and polyvinyl chloride floor tiles.

Australia has one of the largest proven reserves of asbestos in the world. More than 75% of all asbestos mined in the world was used for the manufacture of asbestos-cement products. Asbestos cement sheet, roofing sections & other manufactured products used in Australia were banned in 1982, 1984, 1986 and a total ban on all asbestos in 2003